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Nan & Roch Whitman

Jess made what seemed like a confusing and complicated process clear and easy to understand. His knowledge of the LTC industry, individual state regulations and available insurance products was invaluable to us. His customer service and follow-through were exceptional.


I would hope that you are fortunate as I was to have Jess Wilson as your agent! Jess was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the long-term care insurance plan from Mutual of Omaha! He never pressured me and was always respectful of my time and long-term care needs , which I hope I never need! I was in a unique situation where I was living in one state taking care of my Dad, and a resident in another state! Dealing with the problems my Dad had made me realize that some kind of insurance for the later in life medical problem and care is a must! Otherwise your life savings can be used up very quickly! Jess listened to my concerns and came up with a plan that fit my budget and also took care of my wife financially if something were to happen to me! Thanks Jess!

Robert Laliberte

My wife and I reviewed several brokers for long term healthcare insurance and found Jess Wilson to be by far the best. He is thorough, has decades of experience in this area and helped us to find the best policy for us. He gave the information and we made the decision which is as it should be. Jess is readily available at all times to help with questions or concerns regarding the insurance; he is a fount of knowledge. He's also a forthright and thoroughly decent guy. Bob L.

Bert and Gina McCarty

LTC options are many and to those not in the business, somewhat confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, we discovered Jess Wilson at ACSIA Partners who is expertly familiar with the various options and choices associated with LTC. He patiently reviewed the options and companies currently available, listening closely to our needs and concerns. After intense research, discussion, and talking with other LTC reps, we decided on a OneAmerica policy through Jess's office. Once this was decided, he made the application process and health review simple and straight forward and followed up promptly with any questions or concerns. This is not an easy nor relatively cheap decision for anyone. However, Jess Wilson made a difficult process much easier and "user friendly" and we would recommend anyone in this situation talking with him.

Elise Blomer

Jess was very helpful, even offering advice when it seemed like we might be going with a different agent. In the end, he was able to offer many options and help us decide which made the most sense for us. He is very communicative and we appreciated his knowledge and experience in this field.


Jess was very prompt and professional when he first made contact with me concerning long term care insurance. He was able to get answers from a company that had turned me down and guided me to an insurer that would fit my situation. Always prompt and informative can describe Jess. I appreciate his willingness to answer questions during the process of acquiring my policy and look forward to using Jess in the future as a trusted source of information.

Martha S.

Jess Wilson worked very diligently on my behalf; helping me to purchase a long-term care product that truly fit my needs. His knowledge of the insurance industry is expert and his experience in smoothing the snags is invaluable. I feel fortunate to have him garnered his advise while creating this part of my retirement plan. He is pleasant, timely, and accurate.

Karen and Greg

The entire experience of acquiring this insurance was pleasant. Jess was very helpful, professional and patient in answering our questions and addressing our concerns.


We appreciated Jess's professionalism and expertise in helping us through the process of applying for long-term care insurance. We would definitely recommend him to others who want to explore this type of protection.

Roger E Holt

My experience with Jess Wilson in acquiring my Long Term Care insurance policy was nothing but positive. I had a couple of medical issue bumps in the road, but Jess stayed with me every step of the way. Thank you.


Jess was knowledgeable and conscientious in shepherding us through the application process with a top-rate Long Term Care provider. I would recommend his services if you are in the market for a Long Term Care product.


I would recommend Jess Wilson as an adviser for long term care insurance. He was very efficient, knowledgeable and made the entire process easy to understand.


I was very pleased with the service I received from Jess Wilson. He was helpful throughout the long process in getting my medical records released. He was very professional also in helping me create a plan to suit my budget and needs.

Lin Hampton

I thank Jess for all the help to get a long term policy for me after I was turned down by one company. He researched several other companies and followed through with the necessary paperwork and contact. I now have a new policy.


Jess helped us greatly in choosing a long-term care plan. He did thorough research to enable us to understand the features and cost.The experience was good and we are positive about the results. We recommend Jess Wilson for long-term care insurance needs.

George and Kathy

Jess Wilson was completely professional and delightful to work with when we were looking for long term care insurance. He literally led us through the entire process. His thorough explanations and answers to our questions were excellent. He followed up with us throughout the entire application process so that we would know what to expect. We highly recommend working with Jess!!


In planning our financial future, we decided it important to obtain long term care insurance in case either of us were to need it. I was hoping there would be a way that a single policy could cover whichever one needed it and Jess found and carefully explained this type of policy and the many options that went with it. He was good about answering our questions and being the go between with the company he had recommended.

Lance Roark

I can highly recommend Jess Wilson as an independent agent and adviser for long-term care insurance. He is highly knowledgeable on the subject, and can provide the best options to meet anyone's specific needs. In my case, I had been rejected for the insurance a couple of years ago, due to medical issues. Jess fully understands the underwriting guidelines, and was able to help me get the insurance that I wanted.

Paul Autore

I highly recommend working with Jess Wilson, if you are interested in finding out more about Long Term Care Insurance. I worked with Jess over the phone and via web conferences to understand my options and vendor choices, and then selected a plan that works out best for me. He is very knowledgeable and patient. Arizona's system of working through trusted partners, such as ACSIA, ensures that the customer gets the best independent advice and is guided through the entire process.

Diane Solomon

Great session with Jess. Very helpful.

Robert & Mary Woldstad

Jess, thank you for your assistance over the past two years in helping us obtain long term care insurance as a couple. It was one of the most tedious projects, but something we knew we had to do. You have incredible patience. You went above and beyond "the call of duty" in your efforts! And you were always extremely professional, friendly and helpful. And organized.

Fonda Golding

Jess is such a knowledgeable agent for helping me select my long term health care coverage. He helped me every step of the way and was a pleasure to work with.

Karen & Dick

Jess spent many hours with us and explained in detail the different plans for long term care insurance. He was always available for our questions. Jess is professional and friendly. We have recommended Jess to several of our friends.

Pete Martin

Jess was very helpful. He explained everything very well and was very patient with all my questions and evaluations. He tailored the plan to our needs. He was always available and responded promptly.

Alan Sherwood

Jess was very helpful in finding me a long-term care policy that fit my current and future needs. He was most helpful in describing the process and what to expect. I was pleased when he was able to connect me with a company that was a great fit for me.


Jess navigated us through the complexities of long-term care insurance. He provided us with a comparison of various policies which he had researched specifically for us, and later clarified application questions. We were quite pleased with Jess as he had an excellent understanding of these products and guided us through the entire process.

J. B. Mistry

Faced with a very important but complicated decision to get long-term care insurance, we kept postponing until we found Jess. From the very first conversation, he impressed us with his professionalism, his knowledge of the business, and his impartial approach to finding what is best for his client. My wife's health problems required Jess to navigate our way through various alternatives. He was tenacious, prompt in his follow-up, and gave us confidence that we had someone on our side throughout the whole process. If you are considering long-term care insurance and are looking for an agent, look no more. You have found the best.


Jess was an invaluable asset in our search through the myriad of policies relating to long term care and beyond. He is hard working, professional, knowledgeable, and accessible. Jess is an honest and trusted financial adviser and I would recommend him to anyone interested in finding the policy to fit their needs.

Mike and Jeannie

Jess was very helpful to us in making the right choice for our needs. Choosing the right policy can be confusing and he was there to assist us during the process. We appreciate his expertise!


Jess was extremely helpful and attentive in seeing me through the process of selecting and applying for long-term care insurance. He is very good at what he does!

Dwight and Cindy Burch

We are very pleased with the seamless and timely progression from our first inquiry to the final completion of our LTC policy. Jess Wilson handled all the details with exceptional knowledge and expertise, assisting us to find the best available coverage to fit our needs. He went the extra mile to thoroughly answer all our questions and address any concerns we had. Thank you for making this experience a rewarding and productive one!

J Blake Taylor, CFP,ChFC, RFC, LUTCF

As a 36 year veteran in the financial services industry, I have come to rely upon Jess Wilson, for his care and compassion as well as his expertise when it comes to LTC insurance needs for my wife & I as well as my clients. To some it may seem a bit strange while licensed and capable to write my own long term care policy for my personal needs I would choose someone else. Yet it is because as a professional having attended numerous in-depth courses and presentations I highly appreciate the complexities associated with this type of specialized coverage that I wanted a pro dedicated solely to this area of insurance. I further reasoned if I or my spouse were ever unfortunate to require assistance particularly due to cognitive impairment, the last thing I wanted was to have to rely on myself at a time I may not remember so much as where I last left my keys! Jess has demonstrated repeatedly his capabilities and passion for his work. He also has the heart to serve and therein lies the critical difference. If you or someone you love is contemplating the purchase of LTC insurance know that from a fellow professionals view, Jess is highly capable and will bring balance and unbiased objectivity to assist with the plan right for you.

Robert & Virginia Campbell

Jess Wilson was a valuable resource for us in getting an understanding of Long-Term Care insurance. We were quite nervous and apprehensive with all the controversy over Obama care and the Insurance Marketplace due to our recent experience in trying to afford insurance in that direction. We've always tried to live a healthy lifestyle and pride ourselves in being in good health for our age. However, no one can know the future and guess what might be around the corner for life's unexpected twists and turns. Therefore, we started to do some research which led us to Jess and the Long-Term Care resolution. We are still hoping, of course to stay healthy but are glad to have the reassurance of our Long-Term Care policies. Our children will not be burdened with our care no matter what our circumstance which is a feeling of comfort for us. Jess was very patient, thorough and knowledgable in all our interactions which put us at ease about all our questions and doubts from the beginning. In less than 3 months, we were approved and Jess walked us through each step. Thanks Jess for all your help.

Bill and Dorothy Holst

Jess, thank you for finding a plan to fit our needs. You were so patient in going over all the details and options (more than once.....). I was really leary of the first conference call, thinking someone would try to pressure us into getting something we didn't really need or want. We have compared this plan to several others and feel like it is the best plan for us. Thanks again!


After taking care of my elderly mother with two other siblings I knew I didn't want my children to do this for me. The expense was more than all three of us together could handle so we had to sell her house to help with the expenses. I had just recently heard of long term care insurance. I received an e-mail at my work from Jess about long term care. I contacted him, set up an appointment, which was on-line. It was very informative and Jess was very helpful. He gave us time to choose what was best for us with lots of comparisons. The process from beginning to end was thorough. I would highly recommend talking with Jess. We now have our insurance and I feel at peace.

Bruce Toline

Jess helped me select a long term care program that met my needs. He was great to work with and didn't pressure me to buy a certain package. I was able to get a program at the right price to do what I wanted. What more could I ask?

Debra Patch

My husband and I decided to purchase long-term care insurance as we have witnessed the experiences of numerous family members and family friends with a wide range of in-home assistance needs and nursing home needs. Working with Jess Wilson, we were able to find a policy with a highly rated insurer that provides benefits for both situations. Jess patiently and meticulously worked with us to find an affordable plan that meets our needs.

Earl & Vicky Jeter

We're new to long term health care. . . . Jess Wilson stepped us through the complicated procedure and helped us both see we were getting the best product for our buck, with even better benefits than the federal government provides - being a retired federal worker. We had to compare and understand each process so we could make the best decision. It took many hours and even more calls back and forth to make that decision and Jess was very willing and capable of answering every question. He followed up with every change and concern. We now have our long-term care insurance policy and all of our concerns have been met. We are both very happy with the end result. Jess should be commended for being a great informed team member and one of the best customer service representatives you have. I have dealt with every kind of attitude being in the DOD and Jess handled himself very professionally.

Jess was very helpful to us in making the right choice for our needs. Choosing the right policy can be confusing and he was there to assist us during the process. We appreciate his expertise! Read More

Mike and Jeannie

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